Walking Owl Studio -- Cat Fink, Visual Artist
drawings in pastel and mixed media

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This earth is a better place because of your artwork. Thank you.
Elizabeth Cameron - 7 Feb 2014
Hello sister :) So much heart, wisdom and presence in your work.
Charlene Jutras - 27 Jan 2014
It is rare these days to find websites with useful information . I am relieved I came upon this site.
Jaiper Feliciano - 13 Jan 2014
It was so nice to see you and your husband again after so many years and catch up - the afternoon games were fun, too. I am in awe of your fantastic artwork that I saw in your album and had to visit your website - and your pieces are even more inspiring the second time around! One day I hope to have one of your pieces hanging on one my walls.
Dianne Martin - 11 Aug 2013
Hi Cathy, we went to school together at the Victoria College of Art. I'm on ArtSites too, and found your page through their recent newsletter which mentioned the Sooke Fine Arts Show. Your work is beautiful and mysterious. It's hard to say what my favourite would be, but your "Dancing the Ghosts" series is particularly intriguing. Stop by www.tsunamigallery.ca to see what I've been up to, if you like. Keep up the incredible work!
Melinda Hjelholt - 3 Aug 2013
Hi Cathy. My husband & I viewed your 'Old Coyote Trick' at the CNIB Eye Appeal Event. Absolutely, love, love, loved it. So sad our names were not drawn early enough to be able to select it. But, you have a couple of new fans. Thanks for donating. Susan & Don
Susan Wakal - 27 May 2013
Hi Cathy, nice site, i really enjoyed having a look at what you are working on. Got your message from Gord, hope you are well
Hamish Tucker - 11 Nov 2012
To Cathy from the good old days - I think your website is amazing! I have your "1 crow sorrow, 2 crows joy" to liven up my wall. I thank you for that. Love the path you are on.
Marilyn Marrs - 8 Nov 2012
So happy to see this happening for you. Our walls are blessed with your creations, it makes the house comfy. Truely my favourite artist.
Paul Jutras - 7 Nov 2012
Great to see your work online, Cat! I am still so proud and happy to have "Everything I know about the human heart (part 2)" on my wall - it is definitely a piece I cannot live without!
Leah Selk - 7 Nov 2012
Way to go Cathy. Cool website! Love your artwork.
Nadine Schultz - 6 Nov 2012
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