Walking Owl Studio -- Cat Fink, Visual Artist
drawings in pastel and mixed media


(posted on 9 Aug 2021)

I've been playing around with watercolours, not at all seriously or with intent, since I created my Joy Diary sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library in 2018.  To my surprise, this summer a new body of work showed up, "I AM", and watercolour is the ground of every piece.  These are (so far) small mixed media pieces on Arches watercolour paper.  To my eyes, they are little treasures, something precious made to hold in the hands rather than admire from a distance.  I begin each with watercolour and ink, then dot the paper surface with metal brads, and collage tiny hearts and stars cut from the leftover trimmings of the large watercolour paper sheet.  Creating these are pure enjoyment.  No fuss, no intensity.  Truly, all play.  The I AM gallery is here https://www.walkingowlstudio.ca/gallery/i_am/