Walking Owl Studio -- Cat Fink, Visual Artist
drawings in pastel and mixed media


(posted on 4 Aug 2022)

Yes, I'm still around.  No, I haven't abandoned my drawing, but yes, these days I am mostly writing. 

The writing started in Spring 2014.  It turned into a blog https://catfinkknowtrustchoosecreate.com/ in December of the same year, and I kept up the blog until April 2021. 

By then the posts were few.  The COVID situation plus six deaths in my extended family (not related to the pandemic), including my parents and a cousin who was more like a sister became too much hurt and too much chaos.

I let myself wander and play and sometimes do nothing at all.

What I was really doing, without realizing, was giving myself space to heal and find a way back into who I was after all this change.

The writing.  I'm up to draft four on a memoir that may only ever live on my studio table.  I have the completed first draft of a hopepunk scifi novel that I love.  I'm in the midst of creating the backdraft (aka back story) for it.

I'm still an artist, drawing, playing, creating for myself.  And now for anyone who asks, I'm an Artist Who Writes.